In 2017 a group of professionals started to offer their networking knowledge through their freelance services in the US market. Soon the word-of-mouth spread letting know these professionals as experts in their field and being able to execute technically complex projects on time. Other professionals in the field started to see their success to bring new clients and grow their business, them serving as leads to bring in professionals to grow the network of freelance workers. Through a cherry-picking process their professional network begun to grow bringing in best of breed technicians in the field, and by 2018 establishing a permanent office in the US.


With a growing network of freelancers, their portfolio of services widened gradually being able to cover several verticals, like network infrastructure projects, network infrastructure administration, network integrations with legacy systems, network integrations with middleware, wireless networking, large scale virtual private networks, voice networks, unified communications and mobile telecom integrations.


By 2019 the firm Lastbridge LLC was established to brand their professionals services under a single umbrella with base in Los Angeles, California.  With a growing base of customers and every year adding new services to their portfolio, the freelance style of their professional network remains as the main structure and culture to provide services. Adding expert professionals to their freelance network has allowed to steadily cover a larger number of projects at larger scale. We are proud of our path and we will continue to embrace service quality and expertise above all other commitments to maintain our hardly accomplished customer satisfaction levels.


A culture of collaboration is our cornerstone, we harness a network of Savvy professionals committed to deliver only the best of breed on networking infrastructure Services... ...give us a try to discover what's next in outsourcing. 


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If your business demands flawless connectivity and communications operation, this can only be handled by expert professionals.  we provide state of the art solutions and services to keep your business smoothly running without interruption.

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